These Incubators are completely Semi-automatic you don’t need to open the Incubator to turn the eggs, there is a mechanism outside the Incubator that you will turn thrice (3) or more times a day.

Very good for Poverty Alleviation Schemes, special discount for Senators, States, House of Reps members and  Local Govt. ordering up to 50 or more of any size of the Incubator. We can also supply parent stock to start a small scale Hatching Business. We can supply the Eggs to Incubate and Hatch or we can also supply 6 weeks Old Parent stock from our selection of different breeds, be it layer or Ornamentals.

The Dantata Incubators are made with Latest state of Art Engineering. The Incubators uses an extremely accurate thermostat. The Unit proportionally controls the power to the heating devices. When the thermostat reaches the temperature control point, the thermostat “Pulses”. This gives greater accuracy than an On/Off thermostat. The temperature range of the unit is fully adjustable over the range of 200c to 400c.

We have so many models that will suite your needs, be it that you want to incubate and hatch for fun as hobby or you would like to hatch for commercial. We have two very popular Models (as seen in the picture) of 180 Chicken eggs and 480 chicken eggs both with the Hatching tray inside (slightly less for Turkey, Ducks, Geese and Ostrich). We also have other models for 54 Ostrich eggs or 1000 chicken eggs.



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